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  • Socratic dialogue training review

    In the Socratic Design Academy's Dialogue training, participants are trained by Humberto Schwab to moderate a Socratic Dialogue in the disciplined version of the Socratic Design Academy. Besides learning the necessary skills,…
  • Humberto Schwab – JustPeace festival

    In this peace monologue, Humberto Schwab who is highly renowned for innovating the way we think motivates you to make peace in your own mind. An interesting update on world peace, politics and our personal contribution to it.

  • The nine stages of Socratic Design™

    In this article, we follow the stages of the Socratic Design process, In which a group passes through a self-disruptive process of transformation, to finally design a new narrative.

  • Exponential Humanity – A comment on Singularity

    In a book Presentation of the book On Dialogue by David Bohm, Humberto offers an #ExponentialHuman approach to some of societies problems. By doing so he confronts us with some philosophical fallacies of our time.

  • The Learning Tribe – A New Grammar School

    The Socratic Design Academy is offered the opportunity to create a whole new learning environment for kids and their parents. We will start the grammar school as a small-scale pilot in the Netherlands 2018.

  • Essay: How to organize learning?

    How to prepare our children for an uncertain future? This essay by Humberto Schwab is a critical note on our educational system and a proposal for how to organize learning differently.

  • Enhanced humanity in a disrupted future

    What is artificial intelligence? Should we not first carefully assess what intelligence is? Do we have an adequate model or do we miss important aspects of our vision on humans? Humberto Schwab in Venture Café Rotterdam

  • Review of this month’s Socratic dialogue training

    The participants of the Socratic Dialogue training in January 2018 reflect on the contents of the training, after three days long of practicing how to moderate Socratic Dialogues.