Socratic (Design) Dialogue Training

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About the Training

 In this training, you acquire the capacity to moderate Socratic (design) dialogues. In this form of dialogue, participants can generate collective wisdom about any subject in any context, starting from practical, philosophical questions. Unleash the power of collective intelligence and experience the transformative effect the Socratic (design) Dialogue has on you and your fellow participants.

Thinking from scratch

In the Socratic (design) Dialogue training, you develop the capacity to think from scratch: free from fixed and mostly unreflected assumptions. You learn to identify philosophical assumptions present in our acting, thinking, feeling, and in the way, we build our physical and mental constructions. Only by rigorous analyses, we are capable of identifying these assumptions. Become free from the burden of engrained thoughts and sentiments. Only then can we create new futures.

The art of listening

To create collective attention, people have to practice the art of listening. Pretending to listen is probably a big thing in our daily activities. Research shows that; participants in meetings have complete different summaries of the proceedings and will sustain their different opinions. This obstacle is eliminated in the Socratic (design) Dialogue because it is disciplined and contains tools to force people to engage in the art of listening. By practicing the art of listening, they can go beyond fixed positions and addictive thoughts, with these obstacles eliminated, the creative process can ignite. 

Communication tool

The Socratic (design) Dialogue method is capable of creating strong collaborative teams; it can deliver approaches for urgent or burning questions that create complete new perspectives and opportunities. It is a communicative tool and a strategic tool in one, and it will have a profound impact on the culture of your company or organization. 


This specific form of dialogue is rooted in the Socratic Design philosophy. You will learn basic philosophical approaches that can help understand the burning questions present in our culture today. The philosophical knowledge offered, adapts to the needs that surface in training. You take home a roadmap for your philosophical formation, based on your preferences and needs.


We aim to organize training with open subscription every twice every year. Due to the COVID 19 crisis, it has become more complicated to organize events like this. If you wish to participate, let us know anyway, and we’ll work it out!


The Socratic Design Academy in Sant Climente Sescebes, Spain. View on Google maps

Training Fee

1850,00 € excl.

Private person:
1250,00 € excl.

The price includes:
·Lunch / dinner 


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