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The 9 steps of Socratic Design™

In this article, we follow the 9 steps of the Socratic Design process, in which a group passes through a self-disruptive process of transformation, to finally design a new narrative.

The assumption in your company

Assumptions are the feeding ground for all the actions of your company. They can be an answer to  hidden burdens, or they contain a promising future strategy.

Humberto's introduction to the book "on Dialogue" by David Bohm

This text is a gift with an incentive, it is a real game-changer. David Böhm gives us hints that help us to give meaning to current contradictions between social crisis and technological utopias plus everything surrounding that, and he creates an appetite for the philosophical quest for the hidden assumption. Much of the knowledge in this book is directly applicable to your self.

Socratic Design for Governance

Governance is by law the space in which we develop our reality. It fundamentally deals with the underlying philosophical assumptions of everyman and the whole world. In Socratic Design, we develop a new narrative that integrates the three elements: teoria, poesia & Praxis.

Constructive ingredients for a new European Narrative

We want to generate constructive ingredients for the European narrative. We aim to deliver alternatives for dominating concepts in culture, economy, and politics; by putting a focus on philosophical assumptions that determine the everyday life of Europeans.