Yuri van Geest | A Holistic Turn For Europeans

In our assumed world of abundance, mental and physical disease under youngsters has increased three to four-hundred percent over the last 20 years. This is the result of an externalized, performance culture, where we live in abstraction.

We’ve intensified the external world and downgraded the inner life. We should detox, engage in introspection, focus on the spiritual (the soul), go off-line, and connect with nature. The faster the external world is changing, the more we need to internalize, to have an anchor point.

The cultural, artistic heritage in Europe is an important source fr inner wisdom.

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Direction & Production: Miguel Harbers
Sound, Cameras & Montage: Miguel Harbers
Design: Tilman Solé, Vitor Manduchi (MUCHO design) & David Galar (Gimmewings)