How personal and capital growth are related

A talk on how personal and capital growth are related by Humberto Schwab, the in-house philosopher @ Venture Café Rotterdam. Venture Café is a place to connect and explore; a dynamic space where the crowd is passionate to innovate themselves first before they create new narratives for the world.


Money used to be guaranteed by gold because it kept its value. For our future, the real value is your personal growth, if that is a creative, empathic and innovative process you will be indispensable.
A strong developing character is able to generate products and services that are creative, empathic and innovative. You can start a huge business that provides social services like dialogue or life path coaching. You only have to think deeply about authentic human needs, that’s where the value is.

No more phony stuff like sugar, alcohol, dope, plastic toys and Facebook to boost the economy, the real value is in our qualitative human character. You can only generate real human services different then AI if you grow yourself at maximum as a human. All that is rational, calculated, physical or plastic can be done by robots.