How to overcome industrial thinking

A philosophical deep dive into big data, AI and “I” with Humberto Schwab: how can practical philosophy (Socratic Design) help to make sense out of all the ruptures we are facing? How to find a meaningful strategy in this era of singularity and digital promises and threats.

Who are we?

Our minds are imprinted by the” coal and steel” era of mechanical industry. We have an evolutionary old brain still organized like the reptile ones. Our neocortex tries to control it, but we think with our body. Thoughts are addictive, they give you a nice dose of dopamine, so mostly when we think we are rehearsing thoughts. It is hard to think anew! Due to this addictive thought process, we cannot listen although we pretend to do
so. Most meetings end up in as many interpretations as participants. Thirdly, we do not know which basic assumptions are steering our choices and
our preferences, we do not know which frame on the world we have incorporated. We maintain – unconsciously- philosophical assumptions without investigating them, for example, that humans are rational thinkers!

On top of that, our companies are fragmented in silos of marketing, product development, strategy, HRM, innovation and so on. So we are fragmented as persons and as part of our organizations.

What is the challenge?

We enter into a world of dazzling questions: How does one organize innovative power? Can business be disrupted tomorrow? How does one organize intelligence? What are the philosophical assumptions of this technology storm?

EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE, even flying pigs. So the sky is NOT the limit.

You can invent any new product, services or app starting from any wild idea. We are facing at the same time hell or heaven or “helven” as futurist Gerd Leonhard tells us.

We need a new way of intelligence, a new way of thinking with a real collective mind to create a new way of doing business. Business – at the end of the day – is all about creating meaning.

Socratic design develops a new strategy for your business, rooted in the values of your team and with a clear purpose. Socratic dialogues to deal with your burning questions by creating emerging intelligence.