All employees trained in the art of listening

Socratic Design™ transforming Tempo into a learning collective prepared for a disruptive future

We apply the Socratic Design method on the Istanbul based company Tempo Çağrı Merkezi. Tempo is an essential player in the call center domain and is transforming towards different aspects of the digital economy, like software testing and services related to software and digital transformation.

The company stretches out towards the remote east parts of Turkey; it has 3000 employees and has international clients like Vodafone, Coca Cola and, Istanbul municipality.

Initially, the board of the company visited our base in Sant Climent Sescebes to develop a new dynamic strategy for the coming years.


In the Socratic Design Lab, we could eliminate some blocking assumptions that were active in the minds of the board members.


Following a process of creative collective intelligence, they generated out of the box assumptions, the building block for a new purpose and value-based culture of the company.

After this phase, the company opted for a company profound transformation. The objective is to make the company agile and stable in its dynamic creative capacity to react to whatever disruption in technology and economy, that will come up in the coming years.


To create an agile, collective intelligence, all the workers follow training in reflective awareness and in the art of listening.


They will be capable of dialogue along horizontal lines, to interact with clients in a value-driven way, and to contribute to the strategy of the company.



The founding member of the company is traveling throughout Turkye, organizing Socratic Design Labs with team leaders and managers.


Motivation and enthusiasm generated in these labs is key in the agile capacity of the company. The think and innovative power of the company is now spread out top-down and bottom-up at the same time.



The Tempo Academy an expression of the life long development

Humberto proposed the Tempo Academy, which is an expression of the life long development, that is now part of the HRM of Tempo. In this Academy, the company has a steady platform to design new products and services, based on the intelligent interaction of employees with the outside world. It contains the body of knowledge of the company, which is practical and theoretical knowledge and those combined. This knowledge creation takes place at the front of innovation. The Socratic design method is the backbone of the Academy. All the employees will train in the art of listening; they can use the Socratic Dialogues or interview methods in their daily routine, leaving behind ego-oriented competition and transforming to a real collective, value-driven company.

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