Realize Europe is a platform where European visionaries can philosophize about the “good” future of Europe. We want to contribute to a mobilizing narrative in which people can participate and contribute to the future of Europe.

To Realize Europe, we have to Realize its Narrative.

On our Realize Europe youtube platform, we publish a collection of dreams about Europe, articulated by experts. We ignore the obstacles and negative forces and focus on the most positive tendencies possible.

In the interviews, we use philosophical tools to discover the frame of assumptions on which the different narratives could be built.


Oliver Escobar | Deliberative Democracy: Eliminate Populism by Deliberation

The critical question for a better organized Europe and a stronger democracy is: What kind of citizens do we invite our citizens to be?


Yuri van Geest | A Holistic Turn For Europeans

We’ve intensified the external world and downgraded the inner life. We should detox, engage in introspection, focus on the spiritual (the soul), go off-line, and connect with nature.


Yuri van Geest | Push innovation in Europe

Yuri van Geest makes several proposals on how to push European innovation to the next level.


Pepe Raventos | Nature, Wine & the European Dream

Pepe Raventós, the youngest generation from a family of winemakers (since 1497) gives us his story and dream about Europe.


MEP Ana Gomes | Europe’s critical approach to technology

“When it comes to developing a sensible and ethical approach towards technology, Europe is in the forefronts”. Ana Gomes member of European Parliament


MEP Ana Gomes | Europe to Realize Human-Rights Worldwide

Ana Gomes MEP sketches us her perspective of a federal – democratic – Europe, strong enough to deliver human rights and the rule law of worldwide.

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Dharmendra Kanani | Power-sharing the new model to govern Europe

We ought to go from a representative to a participatory model of democracy. Power- sharing is the key concept on our way to a Europe where policy making and implementation happens collectively.


Dharmendra Kanani | The flip side of the Digital Revolution in Europe

If we create a future, we ought to learn from our pasts. The Digital-Revolution has made the algorithm the DNA of our society, and it quickly adopts the bad trades of humanity and incorporates them like an addiction. Leaving a process of change in the hands of politicians and “superhero” like leaders isn’t a solution any more.

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Humberto Schwab | Leadership to Transform Europe for Uncertain Future

A leader has to be aware of the narrative we are enveloped in and must be capable of transforming it. Humberto Schwab sketches Europe as the ideal agora to develop this kind of leadership.

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Farid Tabarki | Prepare Europe’s citizens for an uncertain future | Development & Learning

Is Europe ready to develop a new generation for a fundamentally different society? Farid Tabarki considers the capacity for learning, development, flexibility or liquidity as the DNA of Europe.

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Humberto Schwab | From Consumerism to high-level Activity & Lifelong Learning

A thriving dopamine addiction is great for our economies but is it good for our citizens and our democracies? Humberto Schwab gives us a roadmap on how to proceed towards a narrative that brings us back to our original state of being; a learning adventure instead of a dopamine addiction.

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Mark Blaisse | Populism & Nationalism divide EU: Can we be the example for humanitarian approach?

Mark Blaisse explores the European Identity and the European Dream. Can Europe stay close to its humane values, stick together and be an example for the rest of the world of a humanitarian approach.


Humberto Schwab | Transformation of the European Narrative

We should reconsider our philosophical assumptions about individuality and collectivity, move from ego to collective attention. According to Humberto Schwab, only than we can create a transformative narrative for the Future of Europe.

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Marleen Stikker | Technology & Digital Ethics in Europe

Marleen Stikker is focused on questions like who owns the data, how to put morals in algorithms and do we know what technology is doing to us? She gives three concrete proposals for the European narrative.