Philosophical tools for our lives, companies, and institutions.

Our actual narratives are hindrances for system change in our private lives, businesses, organizations, and societies.

The Socratic Design Academy is a learning community that realizes collective wisdom by which it generates new futureproof narratives for a good future.

Our exponentially changing world or the coming disruptions demand another type of thinking, with practical philosophical tools, we reach the next level.


To sustain human aspirations for meaningful experiences and growth, we need new assumptions and new ways of thinking. With Socratic Design, we can create unique designs for our lives, companies, and organizations. New designs that; incorporate disruptive future trends only to serve the human purpose, something the classical “industrial” narratives could not.


The liberating effect of the disciplined Socratic method transforms any group of rational individuals into a collective intelligent body. They overcome ego focus, addictive thoughts, stubborn assumptions, chronic disagreement, and jump to a new level of collective attention.


Individual transformation is the result of analysis of the hidden philosophical assumptions in your life story, resulting in the making of a new narrative. For collectives, the switch to empathic “Socratic” behavior has a high impact on the culture of – for instance – the company. The design of the narrative is a strategy towards a value-driven purpose, generated by the hearts and minds of the participants.

A team of Socratic Designers with a strong societal purpose

We are a group of Socratic Designers with different expertise, skilled by Humberto Schwab in the Socratic Design & Socratic Dialogue method. Our team shares the goal to free people and organizations from the burden of obsolete thoughts, habits, and assumptions. We help individuals and organizations to transform towards value-driven, purpose-oriented, agile agents, capable of facing the unknown future.

Humberto Schwab

Founder Socratic Design

Miguel Harbers

Co-founder Socratic Design Academy

Jan Bruch

Ambassador of Socratic Design

Cemal Akar

Board Member at Tempo Iletisim A.S.

Katrin Redmann

Innovation Lead & NextGen Innovation Hub SAP University Alliances

Ger Baron

Chief Technology Officer at City of Amsterdam

Hadassah de Boer

Independent Broadcast Media Professional

Marleen stikker

Founder Waag

Mark Blaisse

Writer, journalist, foreign editor at Argus, Fronterra Foundation

Edwin Deen

Artist, teacher, taï ji chuan

Irene Droogleever Fortuyn

artist, researcher, lecturer

Canay Atalay

Keynote Speaker – Conscious Business Designer – Cultural Innovation Strategist for a “Children First World”

Jelmer Evers

Teacher Leadership Fellow at Education International

Ilja Klink

Strategic thinker, analyst, and innovator in education

Emilie Randoe

Chair – Change management advisor

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